Ailbhe Ní Bhriain
Ansel Krut
Christopher Hanlon
Daniel Gustav Cramer
David Gates
Emma Talbot
Haris Epaminonda
International Lawns
Jeffrey TY Lee
John Strutton
Lara Viana
Lee Edwards
Lizi Sánchez
Lothar Götz
Marcel Dinahet
Maud Cotter
Mhairi Vari
Nicky Hirst
Rachel Adams
Ron Haselden
Siân Pile
Walter Swennen
Haskard & Haskard (10.11.17 – 16.12.17)
International Lawns: Field Trip 15 (Saturday 4 November 2017)
Lizi Sánchez: Maria, Rosa, Mick & John (29.09.17 – 28.10.17)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Reports to an Academy (16.06.17 – 22.07.17)
International Lawns: Field Trip 12 (Sunday 14 May 2017)
Nicky Hirst: Real Size (28.04.17 – 03.06.17)
John Strutton: Anna Lies (24.02.17 – 25.03.17)
International Lawns: Field Trip 11 (Saturday 28 January 2017)
The Rural College of Art: Found & Forged (25.11.16–28.01.17)
Lothar Götz: Pas de Trois (07.10.16–19.11.16)
International Lawns (Andrew Curtis/Niall Monro): Field Trip No.8 (Sunday 12 June 2016)
Lara Viana – Mhairi Vari (09.06.16–16.07.16)
Maud Cotter: Matter of Fact (07.04.16–14.05.16)
Lee Edwards: Fibre of Being (04.02.16–12.03.16)
Lizi Sánchez: In a world that laughs (20.11.15–19.12.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.7 (Saturday 14 November 2015)
Neil Gall: Arrange your face (01.10.15–07.11.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.6 (Saturday 29 August 2015)
Lothar Götz: Mirror Image (18.06.15–25.07.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.5 (Sunday 7 June 2015)
Emma Talbot: Step Inside Love (24.04.15–30.05.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.4 (Sunday 26 April 2015)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.3 (Saturday 25 April 2015)
Marcel Dinahet: Burning the Boats (30.01.15–07.03.15)
International Lawns: Field Trip No.2 (Sunday 26 October 2015)
John Strutton: Grease Madonna (03.10.14–22.11.14)
Lothar Götz: Festival of Love, Southbank Centre, London (28.06.14–31.08.14)
A Circle: Christopher Rountree, David Gates, Rupert Ackroyd, International Lawns (Andrew Curtis, Niall Monro) (13.06.14–19.07.14)
Rachel Adams: Long Reach (25.04.14–31.05.14)
Christopher Hanlon: Chamber (21.02.14–05.04.14)
Stuart Brisley: Before the Mast (21.11.13–30.11.13)
Stuart Brisley: Hommage to the Commune (07.11.13–10.11.13)
Stuart Brisley (04.10.13–30.11.13)
Lynn MacRitchie: The Towers of Ilium (18.09.13–21.09.13)
Flood/Ní Bhriain/Vari (12.04.13–25.05.13)
David Gates: The Rural College of Art (22.02.13–30.03.13)
Sharon Kivland: Reproductions II (18.01.13–16.02.13)
Lothar Götz: The Line of Beauty + Special Guests (09.11.12–22.12.12)
Lothar Götz: The Line of Beauty (21.09.12–03.11.12)
James Brooks: The Information Exchange (15.06.12–14.07.12)
Christopher Hanlon: Disseminatus (27.04.12–02.06.12)
John Strutton: Opus Dopus (24.02.12–24.03.12)
Mhairi Vari: Domain (19.11.11–18.12.11)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Great Good Places (24.09.11–05.11.11)
Rachel Adams: Cut from Whole Cloth (25.06.11–23.07.11)
Lee Edwards: How to disappear completely (07.05.11–11.06.11)
Sharon Kivland: I am sick of my thoughts (05.03.11–09.04.11)
Marcel Dinahet (05.11.10–18.12.10)
Walter Swennen (25.09.10–30.10.10)
Miho Sato: Planet Arbent (11.06.10–19.07.10)
Art Brussels 2010 (23.04.10–26.04.10)
Sophisticated Boom Boom (in b&w) (09.04.10–15.05.10)
Lara Viana (29.01.10–20.03.10)
Time is a Sausage (A Show of Shows) (17.09.09–19.12.09)
Felicity Powell (20.06.09–25.07.09)
John Strutton: Donderslag (27.03.09–09.05.09)
Christopher Hanlon: Because You Stood Still (20.02.09–21.03.09)
Steve Johnson: Die Welt vorbeiziehen lassen (14.11.08–17.01.09)
Ron Haselden (23.09.08–25.10.08)
(traffic scarcely audible) (12.06.08–19.07.08)
Ansel Krut: solo presentation at Next, Chicago (25.04.08–28.04.08)
Analogue: Mhairi Vari and David Cheeseman (10.04.08–17.05.08)
Siân Pile (07.02.08–15.03.08)
Lucy Pawlak: The Halfway House (24.11.07–26.01.08)
Oyster Grit: Ailbhe Ní Bhriain, Daniel Gustav Cramer, Haris Epaminonda, Ansel Krut, Jeffrey TY Lee, Lucy Pawlak, Miho Sato and Mhairi Vari (21.09.07–03.11.07)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: Mountain: Trilogy Part Three (11.05.07–30.06.07)
Ailbhe Ní Bhriain: Aftermath (30.03.07–05.05.07)
Miho Sato (03.02.07–10.03.07)
Penelope Haralambidou: The Blossoming of Perspective (10.01.07–20.01.07)
Jeffrey TY Lee (18.11.06–23.12.06)
Ansel Krut: Vinegar Hotel (15.09.06–31.10.06)
Roxy Walsh: Felix Culpa (09.06.06–15.07.06)
Haris Epaminonda (28.04.06–03.06.06)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: Underwater: Trilogy Part Two (04.03.06–08.04.06)
The World is Turning (04.02.06–25.02.06)
Ron Haselden: Bee Trilogy (25.11.05–17.12.05)
Christiane Baumgartner (17.09.05–29.10.05)
Miho Sato: Amnesia (04.06.05–16.07.05)
13+ an exhibition of artists film and video (09.04.05–21.05.05)
Sharon Kivland: Mes Fils (29.01.05–05.03.05)
Paradisiaco: Haris Epaminonda, Neal Rock & Rebecca Stevenson (27.11.04–05.01.05)
Daniel Gustav Cramer: Woodland: Trilogy Part One (16.10.04–20.11.04)
Ansel Krut: Lie still my beating heart… (11.06.04–24.07.04)
Magic within Reason (30.04.04–06.06.04)
Ansel Krut: It could be suicide… (11.03.04–17.04.04)
Bob Matthews & Mark Monaghan: There is another World (30.01.04–06.03.04)
Ausland: Jan Peters, Silke Schatz & Martina Schmid (10.10.03–08.11.03)
Christiane Baumgartner: Speed/Standstill (04.09.03–04.10.03)
Kim Merrington (Pace): Pleasure Trove (07.06.03–19.07.03)
A Reader: Lucy Harrison, Sharon Kivland & Nina Papaconstantinou (08.03.03–12.04.03)
Paula Mettler Tucakov: Vis à Vis (13.09.01–06.10.01)