John Strutton

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John Strutton: 'Donderslag'
A review by Rebecca Geldard in Art Review, Issue 33, Summer 2009. (1 page)
John Strutton: 'Donderslag'
Essay written for John Strutton's solo show at domobaal gallery and at Volta NY, by Iphgenia Baal, March 2009. (2 pages)
Big Issue
A review by Helen Sumpter of John Strutton's 'Father, Son and Scary Ghost' in the Big Issue, January 2001. (1 page)
Guardian Guide
Pick of the week in The Guide, 20 February 2000. (1 page)
Time Out
Pick of the Week Review, August 22 2007. (1 page)
Top Twenty
A review by Laura K. Jones at Saatchi Online of Top Twenty an exhibition at 39, London, Alan Miller and John Strutton's Project Space, 2007. (3 pages)
Beyond the bedsit
Jessica Lack in The Guardian Guide, Exhibition Preview, George Shaw and John Strutton: The Land of Nod at the Lift Gallery, London. February 2000. (1 page)