Ansel Krut

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Ansel Krut
Jonathan Griffin on Ansel Krut at Modern Art, Frieze Magazine issue 130, April 2010. (2 pages)
An Interview with Ansel Krut
Ansel Krut in conversation with Nicholas James, published in a volume of collected artist interviews by Cv/VAR editions, for further information: January 2010. (7 pages)
A Letter from Ansel Krut
A letter published in a revised version in 'Shadows, Transmission: The Rules of Engagement 11' edited by Ben Hillwood–Harris and Sharon Kivland. (2 pages)
ISBN 9781906441029 artwords press 2007.
Ansel Krut
Rebecca Geldard's Top Ten London Shows for Saatchi Online, January/February 2010. (1 page)
On View: The Comic Artist
Andreas Leventis on Ansel Krut at Modern Art, Art Review Magazine issue 38, January and February 2010. (2 pages)
Ansel Krut
Colin Perry on Ansel Krut at Modern Art, published in Art in America, January 2010. (1 page)
Out of the cradle endlessly rocking
An essay by Martin Herbert written for the pocket–book 'Hotel Vinegar' published to accompany Ansel Krut's 3rd solo exhibition at domobaal, July 2006. (3 pages)
ISBN 1905957009/9781905957002 domobaal editions
Self–Portraits by Other Means
Paul Carey–Kent's feature in Art World Magazine on 12 artists self–portraits, August/September 2009. (4 pages)
Over Niagara in a Barrel
Ansel Krut, writing about painting, March 2008. (1 page)
Rebecca Geldard on Ansel Krut
An extract from the essay written for 'Oyster Grit' at domobaal, September 2007. (1 page)
Ansel Krut at Domo Baal
Saatchi Online, September 2006. (2 pages)
Ansel Krut
An essay by Rebecca Geldard, to accompany the exhibition 'Lie Still My Beating Heart…' at domobaal, London, May 2004. (2 pages)
Modern Painters: Lie Still My Beating Heart…
A review by Martin Herbert of Ansel Krut's solo exhibition at domobaal.
Modern Painters Magazine, September 2004. (1 page)
Severe and Elevated
An essay by Peter Bonnell, published in the catalogue to accompany the exhibition 'Just world order' at ArtSway, Hampshire, with Dunhill & O'Brien, Ansel Krut, Rachel Garfield, Charlotte Ginsborg, Jane Grant, Kim Noble, Tim Simmons, curated by Peter Bonnell, July 2008. (3 pages)
Aidan Dunne in The Irish Times
Review of Precious Things, an exhibition of 19 painters, curated by Graham Crowley at Highlanes gallery, Drogheda, Ireland, September 2008. (2 pages)
Ansel Krut at domobaal
A review by Rebecca Geldard of 'it could be suicide…'
Time Out, 31.03.04. (1 page)
Ansel Krut at domobaal
A review by Sue Hubbard, of 'it could be suicide…'
The Independent, 23.03.04. (1 page)
In Wittgenstein's Game
An essay by Peter Suchin to accompany the exhibition 'Maybe a Duck … Maybe a Rabbit …' with Jemima Burrill, Ansel Krut and Walter Swennen, Wimbledon College of Art, 2006. (3 pages)
Ansel Krut – sullyings and inversions and graphic impurity
An essay by Ed Krcma, written for 'Ghost of a Flea' a solo exhibition and accompanying publication, at The Centre for Drawing, WSA, September 2007. (3 pages)
An Urgent Errand
A story by Miles Johnson, Edinburgh, (after Man Eating his own Intestines) August 2006, written for the pocket–book Hotel Vinegar, published to accompany the exhibition. (3 pages)
ISBN 1905957009/9781905957002 domobaal editions
Representational Art is Back In The Home Of The Avant Garde
John Russell Taylor's review of Ansel Krut's second solo show at domobaal, The Times, 23 June 2004. (1 page)