Lothar Götz: The Four Seasons

30.09.23 – 27.01.24

Lothar Götz 'The Four Seasons', installation photography by Andy Keate

(image: Lothar Götz 'The Four Seasons', installation photography by Andy Keate; see pdf for list of works)

"History decays into images, not into stories"

Walter Benjamin, from 'Das Passagen–Werk', 'The Arcades Project' (written between 1927 and 1940, first published posthumously in 1982).

Domo Baal is proud to present 'The Four Seasons' Lothar Götz's fifth solo exhibition in the gallery. He will show four large paintings on canvas: Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter, installed within a 360° wall painting in the gallery, alongside other works in the building.

Götz's three major public mural commissions in the UK remain in situ: 'Composition for a Staircase' (2016) at Pallant House Gallery, Chichester, commissioned to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the new wing designed by Sir Colin Alexander St John Wilson, FRIBA, RA; 'Xanadu' (2017) at Leeds Art Gallery, the staircase commission following the extensive refurbishment of the original Victorian roof and renovation of the Central Court, with the support of The Art Fund, Art Happens; and 'Dance Diagonal' (2018) the exterior of Towner, Eastbourne, UK (Brewers Commission Award) to celebrate the tenth anniversary of the Towner Eastbourne's new building by Rick Mather Architects.

"But what happens if we think of meaning as something that lies on the surface? What happens if we think of pattern, colour, composition as the content rather than simply the form a painting takes? I don't mean in terms of a theory of colour or visual perception but something more visceral, something generated by the material surface of the painting itself and the space it opens up between us and it."

Charles Holland, from his text 'Dancing Before Our Eyes' written for the publication to be launched this autumn by Towner Eastbourne for Lothar Götz's external mural 'Dance Diagonal'.