Lothar Götz

Lothar Götz, portrait

*1963 Günzburg, Germany
lives/works in London and Berlin
(Portait: Lothar Götz in front of his work 'Double–Take' at the MAC, Belfast, in 2013, photo by Jordan Hutchins)

"You begin with a dot, stretch to a line and expand to the plane. Lothar Götz extends this conventional grammar of drawing into the third dimension, claiming the space of architecture as his drawing board. He does so with the precise vocabulary of geometric abstraction, all the while articulating it in his own poetic idiom of colour. Götz's large–scale wall drawings are dialogues with given environments, including foyers, reading rooms, offices or staircases. By spending a lot of time in the given room, the artist reacts to its idiosyncrasies, developing a network of lines between architectural points in space that find their way onto the page: a drawing, a sketch is created. Over time, the lines become a distinct plan, dividing architectural areas into functional, aesthetic or proportional sections. The next step is the development of a polychromatic pattern. Guided by experience and artistic decision instead of algorithms or random rules, the pattern develops intuitively, balancing the underlying, sharply defined geometry of line with an exuberant and joyful show of colour. The artist transfers the design onto the wall using chalk and line – an ancient technique applied for modern means. For The London Open, Götz has created Connection, 2015, a mural spanning the entire entrance wall of the historic main gallery. Set at the intersection of different functional areas of the gallery, crossing established boundaries between the decorative and the fine arts and bringing together traditions and contemporary uses of its medium, the work becomes a vibrant, programmatic overture to the exhibition."
Daniel F. Herrmann (Eisler Curator & Head of Curatorial Studies) an extract from the catalogue to accompany The London Open 2015 at The Whitechapel Gallery, London, ISBN 978 0 85488 241 0

Lothar Götz: biography pdf
1996 – 98: Royal College of Art London, MA Painting
1993 – 95: Kunstakademie Düsseldorf (Prof. Gerhard Merz)
1991 – 95: Universität Wuppertal, MA Aesthetics (Prof. Bazon Brock)
1983 – 88: Fachhochschule Aachen, BA Visual Communication
Academic Appointments
2016 – (ongoing) Reader in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland, UK
2001 – 2016: Senior Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland, UK
1999 – 2001: Lecturer in Fine Art at the University of Sunderland, UK
1998: (since and ongoing) Visiting Lecturer at Royal College of Art, London, Wimbledon College, London, Byam Shaw School, London, University of Newcastle, Ruskin School, Oxford, Glasgow School of Art
Awards, Residencies and Bursaries
: Abbey Fellowship, The British School at Rome
: Cocheme Fellowship, Central Saint Martins, Byam Shaw School of Art, London
: Artist Links Residency, Shanghai, China
: London Arts Board Award
1997 – 1998
: DAAD Award for London
: Exchange programme (Poland) NRW
: John Crane Travel Award for the USA
: Schuler Foundation Grant
Solo Exhibitions
: Leeds City Art Gallery, staircase commission, with the support of The Art Fund, Art Happens (October).
: Lothar Götz, Market Art Fair 2017, Färgfabriken, Stockholm, Sweden.
: Threesome, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Pas de Trois, domobaal.
: Composition for a Staircase, site–specific mural commissioned to mark the 10th anniversary of Pallant House Gallery's contemporary wing in the stairwell of the new wing, Chichester, UK (ongoing, supported by The Abbey Harris Mural Fund).
: Lothar Götz/Duncan Grant: The Russell Chantry at The Collection, Lincoln, curated by Ashley Gallant (accompanying Academic Conference supported by Paul Mellon/Yale Fund: '21st Century Perspectives on Murals & Art for Public Spaces' on 18th March 2016).
: Concrete Fantasies, York College Gallery, UK.
: Mirror Image, domobaal.
: Emotional Abstraction, MEWO Kunsthalle Memmingen, Bavaria, Germany.
: Dickens Room at The House of St Barnabas, Soho, London in collaboration with Hole Editions and Coriander Studio, with the launch of a new monograph with a text by Charles Darwent, published by Ridinghouse.
: Conversations with The Devil, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Project 07: Lothar Götz at the Contemporary Art Society, London.
: Soho Room at The House of St Barnabas, Soho, London.
: Platform A, Middlesbrough, UK.
: Neuer Kunstverein Wuppertal, Germany.
: Sparkasse Wuppertal (with Anke Eilergerhard) Germany.
: Double–take, curated by Hugh Mulholland, The MAC, Belfast.
: The Line of Beauty + Special Guests: Eric Bainbridge, Neil Gall, Joachim Grommek, Daniel Robert Hunziker, Paul Huxley, Ernst Wilhelm Nay, Ben Nicholson, Uli Nimptsch and George Shaw, domobaal.
: The Line of Beauty, domobaal.
: Crash, Stufen zur Kunst, Künstlerhaus Hanover, Germany.
: Don't Look Now Städtische Galerie Schloss Wolfsburg, Germany.
: La Jetée, Kunststation, Bahnhof Wolfsburg, Germany.
: Black, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Wait Until Dark, Chapter, Cardiff, UK.
: Mulholland Drive, rahncontemporary, Zürich, Switzerland.
: Don't Look Now 1990 – 2011, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
: Don't Look Now 1990 – 2011, Galerie der Stadt Remscheid, Germany.
: Tatort, Gallery Primo Alonso, London.
: … driven by Emotion – Olle Baertling's proposal for TV Tower and Parliament Building in Düsseldorf.
: revisited, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Mit Fritz im Beton Haus, rahncontemporary, Zürich, Switzerland.
: 1952, Site Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: All Day Long, Platform for Art/London Underground, UK.
: Rutting Season, Theatre Royal, Nanling, Canada.
: Schloß Abstrakt, MMKI, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Häuser für Tollmi, Museum Goch, Germany.
: Schloß Schachen, The Economist, London.
: Tea Time, Künstlerverein Malkasten, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Interfoodvitrine, Mehrwert e.V., Aachen, Germany.
: forever young, Chisenhale Gallery, London.
: Gasworks Gallery, London.
: One Day in a Painting's Life. First Stop, Dilston Grove, London.
: Mappin Art Gallery, Sheffield, UK.
: Wet Paint – Unten wie oben, Kunstverein Recklinghausen, Germany.
: Changing Rooms – Farbe auf der Wand, Städtisches Museum, Leverkusen/Schloß Morsbroich, Germany.
: Last Orders, Goethe Institut, London.
: Zum Anschauen, Museum Skola im Forum Rex, Wuppertal, Germany.
: Mota Gallery, London.
: allied colours, Context Gallery, Derry, UK.
: with blue in mind, Hockney Gallery, Royal College of Art, London.
: Pavilion Gallery Brusten, Wuppertal, Germany.
: Lothar Götz, Wandarbeiten, Mehrwert e.V., Aachen, Germany.
: marginal surface, Kunstraum Wuppertal, Germany.
: Kunsthaus Rhenania, Galerie am Nil, Köln, Germany.
: cyt gallery, Wuppertal, Germany.
Group Exhibitions
: Seurat to Riley: The Art of Perception, curated by Penelope Sexton, Compton Verney, Warwickshire, UK (08.07.17 – 01.10.17).
: Enter Stage Left, curated by Chris Clarke and Fiona Kearney at The Glucksman Gallery, UCC, Cork, Ireland (08.04.17 – 09.07.17).
: Drama Queen, Museum Morsbroich, Leverkusen, Germany.
: Concrete, Pullman Court, London, organised by Jaime Gili.
: Morgen . Tomorrow, Neue Kunst in Alten Gärten, Hannover, Germany.
: Composition with Yellow, Sammlung Philara, Reopening in a new location, Düsseldorf–Flingern, Germany.
: Mechanical Abstract, Lothar Götz, Jonathan Parsons, DJ Simpson, Neil Zakiewicz, curated by Neil Zakiewicz, Turps Gallery, London.
: Colouring the Edge, 3812 Gallery, Hong Kong, China.
: Setzen, Stellen, Legen, Kunstquartier Bethanien, Berlin, Germany.
: Heimatplan, Galerie Grölle pass: projects, Wuppertal, Germany.
: In Neuen Räumen, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Farfetch, The Bower, Old Street, London.
: The London Open Triennial 2015, Whitechapel Gallery, London.
: To Go Too Far, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Anni Albers, Lothar Götz, Toulu Hassani, Olaf Holzapfel, Vincent Vulsma, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: The Human Abstract curated by Katie Pratt, No.4a, Malvern Road Malvern, UK.
: Autocatalytic Future Games, organised by playpaint, No Format Studios, London SE18.
: Imagining a University: The University of Warwick Art Collection at 50, UK.
: From Centre, curated by Slate Projects and Saturation Point, London.
: Kaleidoscope, Contemporary Art Society Annual Fundraiser, Old Billingsgate, London.
: Drawing Biennial 2015, Drawing Room, London.
: Kunst at McKinsey and Company, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Salon der Gegenwart 14, with Thomas Scheibitz, Kerstin Grimm, Georg Jiri Dokoupil, Bernard Frize, Frank Maier and others, Große Bleichen, Hamburg, Germany.
: Art in the Home #2 York, by invitation from the Contemporary Art Society North, UK.
: I Have A Dream, within What Love Is, Queen Elizabeth Hall, Festival of Love, Southbank Centre, London.
: Happy Together, The Clore Ballroom at Royal Festival Hall, Festival of Love, Southbank Centre, London.
: Abstract Drawing, curated by Richard Deacon, Drawing Room, London.
: Visions, An Atmosphere of Change, Marta Herford, (Gehry Galleries) Germany.
: Sub–Optimal Expression Output Interface, Lothar Götz, William Hunt, Viktoria Wehrmeister, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: space/socialspace, Workplace Gallery, Gateshead, UK.
: Chromazone: Colour in Contemporary Architecture, V&A Architecture, Room 128a, London.
: Roma III, Abbey Fellows and Scholars resident at the British School at Rome 2008–11, APT Gallery, Deptford, London.
: Leap! Contemporary Art Society Gala Benefit, London.
: Back and Forth, 8 artists from London, B55 Gallery, Hungary.
: Cross–Check, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Actual Fact/Factual Fact, Markus Amm, Lothar Götz, Joachim Grommek, Märkisches Museum Witten, Germany.
: Biennial Drawing Fundraiser 2011, Drawing Room, London.
: Cult of the Difficult, Cass Gallery, London.
: Jerwood Drawing Prize, Oriel Myrddin Gallery, Carmarthen, DLI Museum and Durham Art Gallery, UK.
: Der Kern des Ganzen, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Re–make/re–model, National Glass Center, Sunderland, UK.
: Jerwood Drawing Prize, Jerwoodspace, London.
: Nice Work, The British School of Rome, Rome, Italy.
: Optical Shift – Illusion und Täuschung, b–05 Kunst–u Kulturzentrum Montabaur, Germany.
: Murals, Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona, Spain.
: Le Sacre du Printemps, Märkisches Museum, Witten, Germany.
: Sophisticated Boom Boom (in b&w), domobaal, London.
: Le Rêve – 50 Jahre Städtische Kunstsammlung Bochum, Kunstmuseum Bochum, Germany.
: L.G.S.N.H.C.M.E.S.M.K.T., rahncontemporary, Zürich, Switzerland.
: We're Moving, Royal College of Art, London.
: Biennial Drawing Fundraiser 2009, Drawing Room, London.
: Art & Design Research 09, University of Sunderland, UK.
: Privat: Wuppertaler Sammler der Gegenwart, Von der Heydt–Museum, Wuppertal, Germany.
: Wildwuchs, Niedersächsisches Landesmuseum Hannover, Germany.
: Coalesce/Happenstance, SMART Project Space, Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
: Art in the Underground, A Foundation Gallery, London.
: Experimental Intro, Petra Rinck Galerie, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: 1968–Modernistische Architektur im Spiegel aktueller Kunst, Kunsthalle Wilhelmshaven, Germany.
: Re–Reading the Future – The Aesthetics of Resemblances, International Triennale of Contemporary Art (ITCA), National Gallery Prague, Prague Biennial, Czech Republic.
: Language of Vision, MIMA Middlesbrough, UK.
: Himmelblau/Crimson, Glow07, Newcastle Gateshead, UK.
: Snap, Cell Project Space, London.
: Idylle, DA2 Domus Artium, Salamanca, Spain.
: Idylle, Traum und Trugschluss, Galerie der Stadt Remscheid, Germany.
: Idylle, Phoenix Kulturstiftung, Sammlung Falckenberg, Hamburg, Germany.
: casa mia, MMKI, Düsseldorf, Germany.
: Föhn, Chelsea space, London.
: Ninteenthirtysix, Pullman Court, London.
: la la land, Project Gallery, Dublin, Ireland.
: Coalesce the remix, redux, London.
: Colors and Trips, Künstlerhaus Palais Thurn und Taxis, Bregenz, Austria.
: Obstractivist, Hales Gallery, London.
: art futures, CAS/Bloomberg Space, London.
: K3 Project Space, Zürich, Switzerland.
: Alterity Display, Lawrence O'Hana Gallery, London.
: Städtisches Museum Leverkusen, Schloss Morsbroich, Germany.
: Colors and Trips, Jacky Strenz Galerie, Berlin, Germany.
: The Bold & The Beautiful, RMIT Project Space, Melbourne, Australia.
: Chisenhale Gallery, London.
: Superfluidity, Makslas Akademija, Riga, Poland.
: Tmesis Gallery, Manchester, UK.
: Further–Up in the Air, The Independent, Liverpool Biennial, UK.
: Zwemmer Gallery, London.
: Gasworks Gallery, London.
: Karl–Hofer Gesellschaft, Berlin, Germany.
: Goethe Institut, London.
: European Illustration Collection, Hull, UK.
: Cheltenham Open, Cheltenham, UK.
: Medway Open, Gillingham, UK.
: Gallery Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland.
: National Museum, Warsaw, Poland.
: BWA Gallery, Katowice, Poland.
: Absolut Secret, RCA, London.
: der Heydt Museum, Wuppertal, Germany.
: EAST International, Norwich, UK.
: Transfer Polska – Nordrhein–Westfalen, Art and Artists exchange, Museum im. Xawerego Dunikowskiego w. Krolikarni, Oddzial Muzeum Narodowego, Warsaw, Poland, Galeria & Fundacja Wyspa Progress, Gdansk, Poland, Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej, Bunkier Sztuki, Krakow, Poland, Von der Heydt–Museum, Wuppertal, Germany, Museum Bochum, Germany.
: Degree Show, Royal College of Art, London.
: One Night Pub/Unit, London.
: Swell, Painting 1997, Royal College of Art, London.
: Absolut Secret, Royal College of Art, London.
: I Miedzynarodowe Spotkania Sztuki Katowice '97, Galeria Sztuki Wspolczesnej BWA w Katowicach, Poland.
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Von Indianern und Türken, Stadtmuseum Düsseldorf, Germany.
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: Abschlussarbeiten an nordrhein–westfälischen Designschulen 1989, Karl Ernst Osthaus–Museum, Hagen, Germany.
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