David Gates

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For David Gates pinhole images, far from being nostalgic, authenticate the present, making it vibrant and shimmering by pushing the not too distant past away, opening up the future to the possibility of possibilities. They interrupt the flow of time by opening up a strict set of rules to the chance of failure. By pushing the process towards it's breaking point the image struggles to hold to the surface. This surface of performance, pride, mistakes, a semblance of constructed ideas can be investigated with fresh eyes again and again. Although objective they seem personal, deserted by and separated from reality, they probe the murkiness of history and the subjectivity of recollection with a loose grip on the emotive and the unquantifiable. They play with the untrustworthiness and art of history.
MASS magazine
David Gates and Neil Gall discuss Backyard Sculpture, published March 2022 (7 pages)
60 Pages #4
Guest Appearance by David Gates on #60 Pages, Berlin, Zurich 2013 (4 pages)
Manifestos for Interregna
Manifestos for Interregna: Some Notes on The Rural College Archives, 2014
Artist's Newsletter
The Rural College of Art, review in AN by Catherine Linton in AN 2013 (2 pages)
David Gates 'The Rural College of Art'
The Independent art feature (link)
Aus dem Feld curated by Paul Feigelfeld and Eva Wilson, Wilson Chamber, Berlin Gallery Weekend
Press Release, Berlin 2013. (2 pages)